That time of year, again...

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"Hear you calling, hear you calling loud!  If you don't come soon, I'll be wearing a shroud!" Alvin Lee

It's that time, again.  Graduates are contacting me for jobs and internships.

Now, I'm just a freelancer.  A schmuck working out of his apartment or on site with clients.  Emphasis on the schmuck, by the way.

I don't even have enough clients to keep me as busy as I'd like.  And, to make things worse, I'm kind of discriminating about clients.  (Yes, scumbags, I'm talking about you!)

So my heart goes out to you young, fresh faced people.  Bon chance!

Most of you will never make a decent living in motion picture, but don't lose heart!  You may actually make a decent film!

And if you can't make a living in motion pictures, you can then abandon all hope and find another career path.  In law, medicine, government, human trafficking…